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Some posts with prototype codes are occasionally requested to share the relevant codes. Due to this, i make a code collection in this post which could be convenient for all the readers. But please note that some codes still need additional image files or haar files that you should pay attention to.

If you can not download the source code file, please refer to below

This is a prototype designed to test face detection using haar training algrithms. Needs image with faces and relevant haar trained xml file.

If you can not download the sourse code file, please refer to here below
This is a prototype designed to detect hands ( not hands gesture ) in the dynamic motion images from web-cam. It uses color in a specific range to detect the hands, and then filters all the noises out to get the biggest contours of hands. Several backgrounds are tested by this codes.

If you can not download the source code file, please refer to here below:
Static circle objects in the image are quite simple to grab. However, when it comes to combining recognition containing squares and circles, i have to admit that squares are easier to detect.

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

15 Comments On “ About the codes sharing”

  1. hi,i am so happy to find your blog,there are so many code and method which are just what i want.Thank you for your sharing ! One problem is i conld not download the source code ,could you solve it or tell me why!Waiting for your reply

  2. hi Li,there is a bug in houghcircle.cpp you release src which is not created.the code only impl. gray not the houghcircle.

    • Oh, that is possible. Because there are hundreds of versions of that prototype, so probably i took the wrong version under debugging. Thanks for your reminding.

  3. hi,if I would like to detective a handclap, how could I know I had clapped or not?Which method should I use? looking forward to your reply.Thank you!

    • Well, i think, you’d better find out some specific characters for hand clapping. Then you could through comparison to judge if that is clapping.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply and advice. In fact, I am a student and doing this Semester’s final project these days,and the theme is handclap detection with opencv. So, Can you please let me know what specific characters do you suggest that I should find?^_^

    • @lou
      Due to my lack of understanding your project backgrounds, i am not able to point out which algorithms would be right. Generally, if you wanna detect the clapping motion and speed, you can adopt motion detection which is an official example of openCV. If you wanna detect the clapping gestures, there needs more work to analyze clapping contours.

      • 刚刚看了你的个人档,原来是浙大毕业的,呵呵,你可以不跟我掰英文么?(;^^A 我大学也是在杭州读的。我跟我的搭档这两天一直在做拍手识别,很幸运找到了你的博客。我们当初的想法是“太鼓の達人”的画面+拍手识别。因为8月4号最后一节课,要有成果物。所以我们改了方案,只要一拍手,画面上就出现一朵玫瑰。老师说,这个东西他只要半个小时可以搞定。而我们已经花了好几天了。那我先理解一下你的程序,还有motiondetection。

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