Approaches for hands detection using openCV

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As far as in my mind, there are three approaches that people have taken to detect hands using openCV, though not all of them have been tested by myself (a little shame). One is to use accurate HAAR-classifiers to locate and detect gestures which is considered as quite stable way but costing very much. Another is to use adaptive skin detection algorithms combined with motion analysis which seems easier to do than previous one. And the last is to use human skin colour segmentation to detect the contours of hands combined with hand convexity detection to recognise hands’ gestures [please refer to: hand gesture recognition using openCV].

HAAR-classifier database is rarely provided with open source projects. But we found some helpful papers which may give some thoughts of classifier training and test.

About hands database:

A colour hand gesture database for evaluating and improving algorithms on hand gesture and posture recognition

Application of classifiers:

Real-time hand tracking using a set of cooperative classifiers based on HAAR-like features

Alternative skin detection based approach gesture recognition through angle space:

Gesture recognition through angle space

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

9 Comments On “ Approaches for hands detection using openCV”

  1. Thanks for all these relevant information !

    I would have but a question, though : I’m currently working with a gray-level video, on which I must detect an hand (its contours, basically). So, from your article, I guess only the HAAR-classifier method is usable in that case ? Or do you know other methods that could possibly work in my case?

    Thank you, once again !

    • My opinion is, even in a grey level video, if there is strong contrast between the backgrounds and the hand, then it is possible to use colour extractions, or else the haar-classifier is a better choice.

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