Doing openCV in Pandaboard 2 – installing ubuntu 11.04

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 1

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 1

Pandaboard and ubuntu and openCV

In last post a brief show-off was given, with some snapshots of the new arriving pandaboard, but the post only had a quick mention of doing opencv jobs in pandaboard. Hence, I draft a new post to describe the environment of using opencv in pandaboard. Mostly it is about installing operation system (ubuntu 11.04) in the pandaboard in which to enable opencv development.

Issues of burning RAW image to SD card – ubuntu and openCV

Many tutorials have been given by bloggers, including video tutorials in Since the pandaboard used sd/mmc card memory as main storage, the ubuntu needs to be burned in the sd card to boot the board. Buring ubuntu in SD card had a simple glance at the official tutorial to install ubuntu in the pandaboard. However, that tutorial introduced an invalid software to burn RAW image in to the SD card, as it – win32 image writer kept popping ‘error 8’. All three versions had been tested, still gave same errors, and were finally given up.

Ubuntu RAW image’s contents – the head scratches

I looked into the RAW image extracted from the .gz file, found it consisted of three files, specifically, partitions, respectively named as ‘0’, ‘1.img’, and ‘2’. So it seemed I need to project the three-partition image to the SD card. In windows xp, virtual image reading, disk partition copying – what tools could fix this headache?

Stucked ubuntu booting – any ideas?
I partitioned the SD card into three parts, as the RAW image did, same size, same files and same partition orders. Then copied related files to three partitions, burned the ‘1.img’ to the second partition – only got cold black screen. Then I changed the first partition’s setting as active partition – windows used to boot from active partition. Try again, OOps, it worked this time…wait………stucked…lots errors…no booting ;{

(to be continued)

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

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