Doing openCV in pandaboard 3 – successful installation

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 2

Intalling ubuntu in pandaboard for opencv development

Last post Doing openCV in Pandaboard described a odd mistake happened during the first boot of ubuntu system after the RAW image burning. The screen was frozen on the first booting, did not provide detailed information about any reasons.

I searched the internet and found two tools suitable to do the job – mounting the RAW image as a virtual disk in my windows xp pc, then burning the virtual disk image to the SD card. Two respective free-software was download – mount image pro for RAW image mounting as a virtual disk, and, minitool partition wizard for disk image copying/burning. These tools have been zipped, and can be reached via the link provided on the bottom of the post

At this time I installed these two tools, and successfully mounted the RAW image as a virtual disk 2, turned out it had three partitions indeed, the last one was not allocated/formatted yet, the first one was nearly 70 M and the second one was the main partition which had over 2 G contents. But the installation instruction in ubuntu official webpage said the disk space would be resized automatically. So I inserted the SD card and found it was recognised as disk 3. Here came the key operation – copying the disk 2 to disk 3, and leave the rest space as not resized.

Wait and wait and wait……

The copying was finally over, as the sd adapter did not flash any more. Then copying the MOL and u-boot.bin files to the first partition to guide the system boot.

Taking out the sd card from the host pc, and inserted it in the pandaboard. Exciting moment was finally coming…

Screenshots of ubuntu intallation on pandaboard

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 3

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 4

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 5

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 6

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard 7

intalling ubuntu in pandaboard  - log in

It was successful! Now the openCV development could start from here 😉

The image mounting tool and disk copying tools can be reached via the link below, note the copyrights belonging to original publishers.

tools – mounting RAW image of ubuntu and burning disk copies

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