Using webcams/motion sensing cameras in OMAP-based pandaboard

asus xtion 3d camera

asus xtion 3d camera

What webcams/motion sensing cameras are available for OMAP4 platforms?

As the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty has been successfully installed in the pandaboard, the next step of development work is to plug in webcams and motion sensing cameras (kinect and xtion). About installing necessary software such as openCV and openNI a new post will be dedicated to that. This post, mostly, desperately, is about seeking available supports to install motion sensing camera – especially the ASUS Xtion camera in OMAP4 pandaboard, which currently does not have many documents related to camera use in OMAP4 pandaboard.

In pandaboard’s website a compatible webcam Logitech webcam Pro 9000 is listed as one of accessories recommended for purchases. However this webcam is exclusively used in Android systems in pandaboard, in other words, there is no source found about Ubuntu based cameras.

Why cameras are not universally compatible?

My guess, to the incompatibility of cameras in pandaboard may be caused by the CPU – OMAP and normal Intel CPUs may have different structures and command sets. So they need different drivers to make cameras work. The problem is – where, and how.

Can you help?
There are some forum discusses seeking supports to camera drivers in OMAP4 platforms, has quite many threads about this, but provides no canonical answers.

So this post is not about solving problems, instead, it calls for supports from anyone who may have useful information or experiences, to find a way to using universal cameras in OMAP4 pandaboard.


Author: Andol Li

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3 Comments On “ Using webcams/motion sensing cameras in OMAP-based pandaboard”

  1. I think the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 should work out of the box with Ubuntu, see the list of supported cams:

    List of Logitech Webcams supported by Ubuntu:

    List of webcams for skype supported by Ubuntu:

    For other vendors, see

    Unless the webcam needs some closed source binary drivers, which probably are not available for the ARM architecture yet, any cam supported by Ubuntu should work on a Pandaboard imho.

    • @Roland
      Hi Roland, cannot be more grateful for your generous help.
      I have checked the list you provided, and found my Logitech c910 camera was right in the list of skype-supported webcams.
      I will have another check with the new information.
      Thanks again, very much indeed.
      Oh, any idea to use the motion sensing camera – shown above in this post in pandaboard with ubuntu?

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