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opencv mailing list

opencv mailing list

Useful openCV mailing list

Someone in the comments asked where to get so much information about openCV learning and developing, well, one of my primary source to get openCV related information – as well as most people’s issues they are facing recently is the openCV mailing list – a good way to receive archived threads and discussions from lots groups such as yahoo openCV groups and google openCV groups, and even stackoverflow q&a forum, or maybe the canonical openCV wiki is also a good source.

Benefits to subscribe these sources’ mailing list

Well, it is obvious that if all of these groups and forums are subscribed by one reader, then the overwhelming information will keep him super hyper busy – all together these may generate up to thousands of openCV related items – including all kinds of problems, all levels of issues, and all possibilities of new openCV breakthroughs.

How to subscribe openCV mailing list

The simplest way to subscribe the openCV mailing list is to go to the groups or forum, make a registration, and probably there is a slot called ‘enter email address‘ waiting for your email address to fill in, after confirming the subscription – probably through emails the openCV mailing list will be like a loyal servant collecting and sending everyday or if you wish every week’s openCV discussions to your email, enjoy.

Opencv mailing list’s risks?

Well, if I have to say, the only risk is the too much information I receive everyday, I even have to set the mailing list subscription emails into a special category.

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2 Comments On “ OpenCV mailing list – a collection of resources”

  1. i am trying to subtract 2 image using the function cvAbsDiff(img1, img2, dest); it working but sometimes when i bring my hand before my head or body the hand is not clear and background comes into picture… the background image(head) overlays my foreground.(hand)..

    it works correctly on plain surfaces i.e when the background is even like a wall.

    please check out my image…so that you can better understand my problem…!!!!

    if you have any solution/hint please help me…….

    • @Aswin
      two other methods may help solve the problem you had,
      first is to use background/foreground detection, in this way the moving hand can be extracted from static backgrounds regardless of colours,
      second is to use colour detection meanwhile to specify which are hand contours.
      saw your image provided, my thought is, as long as the hand is in first front, then stable detection can be done by previous ways.
      hope this helps.

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