Installing openCV in Ubuntu with pandaboard part 1

opencv in ubuntu with pandaboard

opencv in ubuntu with pandaboard

OpenCV at ubuntu with pandaboard

At the first beginning of post, I would like to remind a tiny, but sometimes may huge, problem in installing openCV at ubuntu with pandaboard – the network proxy setting. This tiny issue could be the fatal problem when it was not aware of. I had tried hundreds of times to ‘apt-get update’ but nothing worked out. After I searched the problem of ‘failed to fetch…’, I was not well informed about how severe that problem was. Until I tied to change the Ubuntu Software Center’s networking settings, I noticed there was an tap used for networking proxy purposes.

opencv at ubuntu with pandaboard

How serious is this issue

It is common that computers setting in universities are behind a boss proxy, it means all computers inside the university intranet have to get through the university server – data flows, firewalls and connection routines of course. The problem here is, the ubuntu system seems to recognise such super proxy not very well, to be honest, poorly. And what surprised me was that there was little posts in the internet that provided relevant information about how to set up the network connection before starting software update of installations.

As a result, the plan to install JAVA in ubuntu with pandaboard for openCV project development was non-doubtfully postponed – the reason was for the above.

How to overcome opencv at ubuntu installation

Well, the fastest and simplest way directing at the solution of this issue is to change to another network environments, or, use other network connection ways that does not need proxy settings. A good solution is already there – the wireless network. However, I have to mention that, the wifi signal received by the pandaboard was so poor – in most occasions there was only one signal bar – so tiny that I was always worried about if if would fade out. And the results proved that as well – the connection was unstable and slow.

Ok, no more chatty words, to address the network problem, either a wireless network is needed, or a open network connection that does not hold by a proxy is useful as well.

So, I am going to take the pandabaord home and get new software installed, until then I will be back to post ongoing openCV developments.

Some problematic screenshots

opencv at ubuntu - error info

opencv at ubuntu - error info 2

If you feel this post not providing the solution to the problem, please make yourself free to post any comments below.

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

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