Installing openCV in Ubuntu with pandaboard part 2

Screenshot-OpenCV-2.3.1 folder

install opencv in ubuntu 11.04 with pandaboard

How to install openCV in Ubuntu without networks

In the last post of installing openCV in Ubuntu with pandaboard, the failure of software update of openCV was discussed. But if there was no alternative to switch to other working networks, then the only way to install openCV in Ubuntu is as the way showed in this post.

– first, downloading the OpenCV-2.3.1a.tar.bz2 from openCV wiki, selecting ‘other announcements’ then going to ‘for mac and linux’, the page will be directed to sourceforge in this page:

download 2.3.1 - mac/linux version

– copying the downloaded file to Ubuntu system, let’s make it in ‘Download’ folder. Then starting the manual installation – this part is rarely mentioned in tutorials over Internet.

How to install openCV in Ubuntu 11.04 manually

Once the openCV installation file has been ready in the folder, firstly it needs to unzip – using the commands in terminal:

– tar -xvjpf OpenCV-2.3.1a.tar.bz2

untar opencv 2.3.1a

The untar progress will be running like this for a short while:

opencv untar

opencv untar 1

opencv untar 2

Untar openCV 2.3.1a in Downloads

After the openCV installation package is successfully untared in the Download folder, the source files can be seen. This is not the ready-to-use version, as the source files still need compiling.

Screenshot-OpenCV-2.3.1 folder

To continue – part 3 – Compiling the openCV 2.3.1 within Ubuntu in pandaboard.
a networking-functional version of installing can be reached in Sebastian Montabone’s post ‘Installing OpenCV 2.2 in Ubuntu 11.04‘.

Author: Andol Li

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