Installing openCV in Ubuntu with pandaboard part 4 – compiling openCV 2.3.1



Before the compiling

I was about to write a post about compiling the newest openCV 2.3.1 in Ubuntu with pandaboard, but because of the proxy network problem in Ubuntu software update and the right solution to the proxy network settings, this post was postponed.

So this post will be focusing on compiling openCV 2.3.1 in Ubuntu, with the right proxy networking settings and the synaptic package manager in working states.Sebastian Montabone has made a tutorial about installing openCV in Ubuntu, but that used openCV 2.0 and was not up-to-date. So, this tutorial aims to add an update of the newest version of openCV 2.3.1 installation.

Software updating

The compiling starts from software updating, which aims to prepare all necessary installation packages in the system. To make these packages needed for installations clear, I post these in forms of terminal commands, so you can type these commands one by one to see if they are installed already, or need updates.

sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libjpeg62-dev libtiff4-dev cmake libswscale-dev libjasper-dev

Please be aware that, this post assumes the openCV 2.3.1 installation package has been downloaded in the local folder called ‘Download’, and has been unzipped into a folder called ‘OpenCV-2.3.1’.

Compiling steps

1. open the terminal, go to the directory where the openCV folder is located in, in this example, it is ‘/home/cw418/Downloads/OpenCV-2.3.1’.



2. type the cmake command in the terminal. please be aware there is a small ‘.’ after the cmake command.

cmake .

Screenshot-root@hud-desktop: ~-Downloads-OpenCV-2.3.1

Screenshot-root@hud-desktop: ~-Downloads-OpenCV-2.3.1-1

Screenshot-root@hud-desktop: ~-Downloads-OpenCV-2.3.1-2

3. after the cmake command is executed, type new make command.


Screenshot-root@hud-desktop: ~-Downloads-OpenCV-2.3.1-3

Screenshot-root@hud-desktop: ~-Downloads-OpenCV-2.3.1-4

Screenshot-root@hud-desktop: ~-Downloads-OpenCV-2.3.1-5

This may take a while, so you can go and have a cup of tea first.
The tutorial continues on the next post – installing openCV 2.3.1 in ubuntu with pandaboard part 5.

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

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