Installing openCV in Ubuntu with pandaboard part 3 – the network proxy


Screenshot-Synaptic Package Manager

The problem of networking proxy in ubuntu for openCV installation

In the last post instsalling openCV in Ubuntu with pandaboard a networking proxy problem was raised. The problem is relevant to software updates and installations in Ubuntu, before and after openCV installation. There were two general suggestions made in the previous post – finding a new network environment, or, properly setting up the proxy parameters.

The solution to ubuntu proxy settings

For the second suggestion, it seems more difficult than the first one, as it needs to be aware of different applications’ networking settings. This is my empirical experiences that took me nearly four days to get the right place.

1. I assume You have successfully got the proxy address, which used to be like this This would be useful in the later setting.

2. There are two types of network proxy settings – application wide and whole system wide. I made mistakes in this stage so several days were wasted.

3. Click the power button on the top right corner, select the ‘System Settings’ from the popping up menu.

Screenshot-Control Center

4. Go to ‘Network Proxy’ to start configuring the proxy parameters – if you have automatic scripts for proxy configurations then use that, if not, then fill in the proxy parameters in proper columns. Make sure you are aware of the bottom setting options – Applying system wide… click that button and confirm the passwords popping up for system authorisation.

Screenshot-Network Proxy Preferences

5. Open firefox and check the network setting to see if it uses system configurations, if yes, see if firefox can open websites.

6. If firefox works, then go to ‘synaptic package manager’, go to ‘settings/preferences/network’, make sure the option is selected as ‘direct connection to the internet’, apply it.

7. Go and check the package manager updates, it should be working now.


Some errors caused by the incorrect proxy settings

Some typical errors caused by incorrect proxy settings include

– ‘failed to fetch’ error when trying to update the packages using apt-get update
– ‘404 not found’ errors in reloading synaptic package manager

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

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