Combined objects recognition

On this post, i would introduce the latest openCV objects recgnition work for my research. Presently, i have developed codes to recognize circle successfully. Capture image from camera, converting the source image into gray mode, threshold, canny then get the circle numbers and draw the circles, that is it.

However, when turns to rectangle recognition, it seems work right but not so much. Look carefully, there are multilines drawed on one rectangle detected, and the rectangle number displayed on the left side was totally wrong—too much rectangles, that was impossible because as i see that i just put 3 rectangles under the camera. As a result, i was sucked here and couldnt move forward.

If there’s any good idea, welcome to leave a comment or contact me.




Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

13 Comments On “ Combined objects recognition”

  1. hi Andol, I’ve read your code.
    But I don’t really understand the code

    double angle( CvPoint* pt1, CvPoint* pt2, CvPoint* pt0 )
    double dx1 = pt1->x – pt0->x;
    double dy1 = pt1->y – pt0->y;
    double dx2 = pt2->x – pt0->x;
    double dy2 = pt2->y – pt0->y;
    return (dx1*dx2 + dy1*dy2)/sqrt((dx1*dx1 + dy1*dy1)*(dx2*dx2 + dy2*dy2) + 1e-10);

    what mean does the code for ???
    thank you so much.^^

      • Dear Andol,
        Is it the angle of the square?,
        how about if I would like to calculating the angle of the triangle, is it possible if i use this identification.
        thank you so much Andol.

  2. thank you so much Andol,
    At present, I’m taking a thesis with Image Processing.
    And I wonder that if you could help me, Problems make me feel so stress 🙁
    Waiting Andol !!!

    i am doing my project in open cv and i am new here in project is to detect red and blue both colours wearing on fingers of hand and then track their motion and control cursor movement according to that.kindly help me out or email me the regarding codes and especially on red and blue both.thanx

  4. mr.andol…

    i have edited your code and it gave accurate number of rectangle.
    i just want to ask your permission for using your code for my school project.


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