Some thoughts of hand detection


After finished basic shapes recognition using openCV, we would step new progress — hand recognition. I saw some researchers said computer vision as key part of artificial intellegence due to its hardness. That probably is right, because when i started the hand detection ( before recognition ), i was blocked by the algrithms to accuratly detect the hand shape. Nothing simple algrithm will be applied directly here due to the variation of hand gestures.

When i googled how to detect hand gestures, i found  HandVu .

HandVu is a library of hand gesture recognition based on c++/c and openCV. According to the demoes published in web, this library looks powerful, although still is getting mature. When i tried to download the source files, i found the version hasnt been updated for years until 2006 and the downloaded binary didnt work right with alerts of *.dll files getting lost , that was probably caused by the openCV version.

Whatever, at least the HandVu library offered guidline of hand recognition.

Author: Andol Li

A HCI researcher, a digital media lecturer, an information product designer, and a python/php/java coder.

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  1. hi i am interest to doing hand gesture recognition with perform some action(single click or double click) on computer, so could you help me,,,

    • Usual routine of hand’s gesture recognition includes finding out hand contours, locating the position and features of contours, and finally connecting specific actions to certain hand gestures. About details, here i am not able to provide all due to i have not yet conduct that part, but there are plenty of documents you can refer to.

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